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About Galway College Consulting

Galway College Consulting offers an individualized approach to each student and family.  Whether you have already begun the process and have your college choices selected, or are just at the very beginning, GCC can provide guidance and assistance in any aspect of the application process. We are here to help you design the perfect package to fit your needs. Kim works directly with every family to create personalized goals and ensure rigorous follow-through. From discovering potential schools, honing your college list, evaluating financial needs, understanding majors and their implications, and creating persuasive essays that stand out, Kim will be with you at every step.


Kim has special expertise in the performing arts, and can guide your student through the very specific pre-screen and audition process that accompanies each application. In addition, Kim excels in helping students find their authentic voice, from brainstorming essay topics to crafting truthful and unique personal statements, the individual support Kim offers makes GCC stand out.

There are many colleges where your student can find success, and establishing the right fit is a critical part of the process.  The GCC approach emphasizes the importance of fit, and in so doing, helps ensure that your student’s success follows them throughout their college life, and not just during the application process.  Contact us today set up a no-fee initial consultation!

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